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Introduction to Twelve Steps to Resilience program, and how anyone can learn to 
Build an Unshakable Core
Janine explains the course format:   
Thirteen videos and a workbook.  
She offers a "sneak peek" into the program
Learn one of Janine's favorite resilience hacks

Learn How to Build "Your Unshakable Core" and Handle Whatever the Universe Throws at You
A walkthrough of the online course: How it works, and what you'll learn

One of Janine's course participants shares how what he learned helped him navigate a challenging time in his life
Why you want an unshakable core, and answers to some frequently asked questions

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Join Janine Shepherd in 
Building Your Unshakable Core
Janine finds that her course participants in The School for Resilience make the most progress when she keeps class size small.

She recommends that anyone interested sign up for the "early bird waitlist" to help ensure your spot in line to register for the program is reserved.  

Another benefit to joining the early-bird waitlist is so that anyone on that list gets registration access before the general public. 

The link to sign up for early-bird is included in each of Janine's emails about the program and is also pasted below.

Here's how to assure your spot in the School for Resilience "Twelve Step" program:

1) Sign up for the early-bird waitlist below
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We expect demand to be high for early registration as we're seeing regular sign ups for the early bird waitlist. But if you follow the instructions above you should be able to get a spot.
Your Program Instructors: Janine Shepherd and David Treinis
Janine Shepherd, AM
Speaker, Author, Coach
Janine is an internationally acclaimed speaker and author of six best-selling books. Her inspiring TED talk, “A Broken Body Isn’t a Broken Person.” has garnered nearly 2 million views. Janine has been featured extensively in television, print, and digital media around the world.  Not only has Janine extensively studied the science and research into the subject of resilience... she's lived it.
David Treinis
Executive and Personal Coach, Strategic Planner, Entrepreneur
Completing an engineering degree at Stanford University, David honed his skills as an executive leadership coach, employing his unique counselling and mentoring systems to enrich the lives of countless individuals and to help build numerous businesses. He is an expert in strategic planning, goal setting, time management, and other critical skills that are foundational to building an unshakable core.
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